Bikes Welcome Business Window Sticker
Bikes Welcome Business Window Sticker

Encourage and enable your bike-using customers and become an accredited BikesWelcome business.

What does it mean to be a Bikes Welcome Business?

When you are registered as a BikesWelcome business you’ll:

  • Receive a Bikes Welcome Business sticker to display at your business
  • Be able to use the Bikes Welcome business logo on your website, etc
  • Be listed in our online directory and map of Bikes Welcome businesses (under development)
  • Get a shout out in our social media and news

In short: we will help bike using customers find you, support you and recommend you.

Why become a Bikes Welcome Business?

The bicycle isn’t just a great transportation option; it’s an economic engine that can drive your business to higher profits, happier employees and more loyal patrons. Encouraging bicycling showcases your commitment to sustainability, healthy living and accessibility for all.   Find out more about the business  benefits of being bike friendly.

What do I need to do to qualify?

Step 1: Provide good bike parking

  1. Separate bike parking for visitors and staff
  2. Clearly visible from businesses main entrance (without crossing a road)
  3. Supports frame not just wheel (no wheel benders)
  4. Can lock to it, with either a cable or D-lock
  5. Securely attached to ground or other immovable object
  6. Kept clear for bike use
  7. Preferably: Undercover, security cameras and/or high traffic location, signposted.
Good bike parking supports the bike frame  and allows it to be securely locked

Bikes Welcome can help you achieve good bike parking, either by connecting you with your local council or bike parking suppliers.

Step 2: Add two or more extras:

  • Bike locks available for loan
  • Place to fill up water bottles
  • Willing to host special events for bike users
  • Offer discounts or incentives for bike users
  • Promote bike use on your website and social media e.g. under ‘how to find us’
  • Pump and tools available to borrow
  • Incentives for employees who ride their bicycles
  • Bike use information available for customers and staff (e.g. posters, maps, Bikes Welcome materials, etc)
  • Use merchant bikes for conducting business or running errands
  • Actively support the provision of bike lanes (lobbying, submissions, etc)
  • Actively support your local bike share scheme and/or advocacy group
  • Form a ‘BikesWelcome’ business district with local businesses

Step 3: Let us know – Register as a Bikes Welcome Business

Complete the Form

How long does it take?

We’ll be getting our first stickers printed during May.  Usually accreditation should only take 10 working days, but it depends if any follow up is required.

What does it cost?

Nothing.  Right now we are doing this for free.  We are a charitable trust and we welcome your tax deductible donations.  Find out how to donate here.

More info:

Incentive Programs Discounts for Bicyclists

What: Have local businesses offer discounts for bicyclists. Each business determines its own discount (ex: 15% off) or promotion (ex: free item with meal – drink, bread, dessert etc). You might consider a ‘Saturdays only’ option if you can’t afford to offer the discount daily but still want to try and attract families, shoppers, and others who tend to bicycle more on weekends.

Why: To attract nearby residents, cycling clubs, and tourists, and to convert existing drivers to bicyclists.

How: Let us know what discount / offer you have available, and BikesWelcome will include it in our online directory as well as promoting it via our web page, social media, media publicity, e-blasts.  We’ll also let ride organisers know, so that organized rides – like those ending at a different coffee/lunch spot each week – can support your business. You should also promote it regularly via their website, e-blasts, and social media.

Merchant Bikes


Using bikes as part of your business: deliveries, errands, promotions, direct sales (e.g the beer bike)

Why: Bikes are often a more convenient mode of transport for business owners to conduct business. They are also an eye-catching marketing tool, healthy for the rider and district, decrease traffic and parking issues, and an important part of an emergency toolkit. (Bike sales soared immediately following the Japanese tsunami.)


Purchase bikes, cargo bikes, and accessories – such as baskets, trailers, locks, lights and helmets – you could share them with nearby or like-minded business. Brand them.

Purchase a basket, lock, lights and helmet for each bike.


  1. Start with a few commuter bikes to test out, experimenting with baskets or saddlebags to see what’s most useful. Then determine if a trailer or cargo bike is needed so that nothing is purchased that won’t be regularly used.
  2. Brand the bikes – stickers or signage with your business name.
  3. Provide safety training to staff via your local authorities cycle training operations.

Bike Parking: Bike Racks and Corrals


  1. Provide more bike parking and publicise the ease of using a bike with simple message like this one: “Don’t worry about finding parking – ride your bike”
  2. Encourage your council to offer a free bike rack or corral to any business that requests one.  
  3. Work with your business association.  
  4. Consider funding ‘branded’ bike parking for your business / business district to create a unique look and feel.


  1. Bike racks are how bicyclists park in order to patronise a business.
  2. Sales go up in districts that install bike racks. e.g. Fort Worth, Texas, restaurant sales went up 200% after bike racks and lanes were installed.
  3. Bike racks help deter bike theft, as some people who have no place to lock their bike leave it unlocked and experience theft.
  4. Corrals (larger scale bike parking) are important where significant bike parking is needed and bikes are cluttering the sidewalks. Corrals replace one parallel parking space with parking for 8–14 bikes.


  1. Work with Bikes Welcome and nearby businesses to identify the needs and locations for your community. 
  2. Utilise our website to connect with your local council or bike parking supplier; see Bike Parking for Business
  3. Work with other businesses to form Bike’s Welcome Business Districts, see Nine Reasons to Create a Bicycle Friendly Business District

Tip: Be smart and choose great bike parking. Choose rack and corral designs that clearly look like bike racks. Some people mistake artful bike racks for public art and don’t understand they’re for bike parking. Most bicyclists prefer oval-shaped/upside down ‘U’ (also known as staple) racks. Don’t be tempted by cheap ‘wheelbender’ bike racks which don’t support the bike frame or allow for secure locking.  They are a false economy as they won’t be well used, and irritate the customers you want to attract.