Here are some resources which explain why bike parking is good for business.  You’ll find more in our blog under the category ‘Bikes and Business’

7 Reasons to Offer Bike Parking at Your Business: Expand your customer base and increase employee satisfaction

Good for Business. The business benefits of making streets more cycling and walking friendly, from the Australian Heart Foundation

A business case for an Australian Supermarket to provide customers with bike parking.  It contains examples from overseas of how businesses provide for cycling customers and the benefits of doing so.

Increase your turnover

“Retailers also overestimate the contribution of car parks to their business. An Australian study* found that switching one car park to six bike parking spaces could create an increase in retail spend related to that space, from $27 per hour to $97.20 per hour.”

*Lee, J. 2008 What is the economic contribution of cyclists compared to car drivers in inner suburban Melbourne’s shopping strips? Masters Thesis

Want to know more of the benefits of cycling for New Zealand communities?  Check out:

Benefits of investing in cycling in New Zealand communities from the NZTA.

Rather watch a video?  Check out these examples from Oregon (below) and San Diego

Bikes Mean Business: Bike Friendly Business Districts from Michael Lowe on Vimeo.