Here are some basics as to what makes good bike parking, as well as what to avoid.

What makes a GOOD bike rack?

  • It supports the frame (not just the wheels)
  • The bike is well supported in more than one point of contact (so it doesn’t ‘dance’ around it’s support)
  • There are no hard edges that could scratch the bike frame
  • It enables secure locking (of frame to immovable object)
  • There is enough space between bikes (for access and avoiding damage)
  • There is enough parking provided
  • It doesn’t obstruct or impact the safety of other users of the space
  • It is an area with passive or active surveillance (to avoid theft of accessories/bikes)
  • It is convenient (you can just rock up, find it, and park your bike)
  • It looks like bike parking (so not so artistic that it can’t be recognised!)

Of course every bike-user is different, but these are the basic ingredients for a functional bike parking solution.

Remember that location and positioning are important too, along with quality installation.

Do it once and do it right

Remember if you are going to invest in bike parking, do it once and do it right.  Otherwise you might be disappointed when it is not used or complained about…. and don’t buy a ‘wheel-bender‘.

Wheel-benders are like giving dead flowers.  It might be the thought that counts but it won’t win you any love.


What to avoid:

  • Wheel-benders – which can damage wheels and disc brakes, and make it harder to lock your bike securely.
  • Hard Edges that could damage the bike
  • Poorly positioned or located bike parking

Examples of what to avoid

Good bike racks aren’t hard to find

Where do you find them? Great question.  Check out these suppliers and resources.

Or, for bike parking in public space, talk to your local authority.

Bikes Welcome believe in making it easier to ask for and get great bike parking: it’s  The Bikes Welcome way.