Public or Private?

Do you have your own building or land in which to install bike parking? Then this page will help you connect with a supplier.

If not, please contact your council to request bike parking in a public space.  If your council are not listed here, then go to your council website and find their request, problem reporting, or inquiry tool/email address/form/phone number and use that.

The most important thing to remember:

Please don’t buy a wheel bender.

Choose quality bike parking instead.

The second most important thing to remember:

Correct installation and positioning is important.

Coming Soon – Request for Proposal

Soon you’ll be able to use this page to request bike parking suppliers to get in touch with you about your bike parking needs.  In the meantime, the information below may be of use.

General Information

Good Bike Parking Basics

Good Bike Parking – Location & Position

Best Practice Information from Overseas

Cambridge cycle parking guide – an excellent resource complete with specifications and comprehensive advice and diagrams.

Everything you wanted to know about Bike Parking….. the definitive guidelines from Austroads

Essentials of Bike Parking, a guide to selecting and installing bike parking that works, from the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals

The Bicycle Parking Handbook from the Australia’s Bicycle Network, Australia’s Bike Parking Experts

San Francisco Bicycle Parking Standards  A detailed guide including design, material and location standards.

Some do’s and don’t and what cyclists are looking for in bike parking

New Zealand Suppliers

Preferred Suppliers

Cycle solutions – Christchurch – Bike parking, bike share and workplace cycling set up. Also supply bike maintenance stands, consultancy services and event bike parking.

MetalArt – Petone, Lower Hutt.  Ready made and custom designs.  Innovative and responsive.

MetalArt make/supply standard and made to order bike racks from steel and recycled plastic.

Other Suppliers

Metal Craft – Christchurch NZ

Manufacture bike racks for Christchurch City Council


Bike Parking NZ – CAM (agents for SecuraBike in NZ)

Agents for SecuraBike, CAM NZ provide a huge range of bike parking and end of trip facility products, showcased on their website.

SecuraBike – bike parking in New Zealand (same organisation as Bike Parking NZ above)

Secure bike NZ Full Service Supplier. Design and install service for bike parking, including rails, cages and lockers, as well as end of trip facilities and signage.

Bike Lockers Bike Lockers. American Bicycle Security Company bicycle lockers are now manufactured in New Zealand by Roseware Industries Ltd for the Australasian market. To enquire about bike lockers please contact or phone (09) 425 8499

Bikerakk make bike parking out of recycled car tyres. With ample room for images/brand promotion their bike racks double as billboards, are eye catching and functional.

AE Tilley – Custom Manufacture and CycleHoop Products

Manufacturing engineers who make and sell street furniture. “In addition to the standard product range, A.E.Tilley Ltd specialise in bespoke work at all levels. Our fully resourced design centre and versatile manufacturing plant can turn your designs into reality. “
Bike Corals by CycleHoop available from AE Tilley
CycleHoop Signpost attached bike parking from AE Tilley. “The Cyclehoop for Signposts convert existing traffic signposts into secure cycle stands for 2 bicycles and is quick and easy to install. This award winning product won the street furniture category ‘Reinventing the Bike Shed’ International design competition 2006. Traditional cycle stands require digging and concreting, and sufficient pavement space. Retrofitting existing street furniture allows cycle parking to be provided in locations where normal cycle stands cannot installed.”


Street Furniture NZ “Public Bike Repair Specialists for Aust and NZ”. Wide range of end of trip, bike parking and public repair products. Based in Melbourne, they have NZ based installers.

Get in touch to have your business listed here.

New Zealand Resources

CAN (NZ Cycle Action Network) Bike Parking Resources.  Includes some suppliers/installers.