Bikes mean Business

Why welcome bikes to your business? 

  1. Bikes aren’t just for the weekend anymore, more people are using them to get from A to B.
  2. Biking customers spend money where bike-parking’s easy.
  3. They shop locally and frequently as they travel shorter distances and carry smaller loads.
  4. Biking customers move slower, so see what your business offers.  They can smell your coffee, read your signboard and admire your window display.
  5. They tell friends where’s good to park and shop, and where they feel welcome.
  6. You help the environment, peoples health & budgets, traffic and parking space

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Key Points and Actions Business Can Take:

  • Bike users make good customers – attract them with quality bike parking and by supporting proposed cycling infrastructure like cycle lanes
  • Foot traffic is good for business – make your business readily accessible to pedestrians and bike users (and not walled off by car-parking)
  • Encourage your employees and customers to bike – freeing up car parking spots for people who can’t use active transport
  • Include ‘how to bike here’ and public transport access as information on your website
  • Moving premises? Cut costs by reducing your expenditure on car-parking and ensuring your new premises has great bike parking, good pedestrian access and is close to public transport routes.

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Become a Bikes Welcome Business

What businesses have to say:

I’ll be adding local examples, but meantime let’s hear what some business operators in Portland Oregon have to say about cycling and their business.

“There’s really no downside to it…. your business…. if you want more customers, this is how you get more customers…[on being bike friendly]” Jesse McCann, Apex Bar, Portland

“Being bike friendly is an easy step to more business” Travel Oregon.

“I think it’s important for everyone to feel welcome in your business.  Giving them the olive branch and saying you’re welcome here, you are opening yourself up to a whole new element of people who will come and enjoy your business and become loyal customers.” Brian Steelman, Por Que No, Portland

“I think they’ll spend more than typically you would expect, because a lot of people this is their passion and …. you’ll spend more money on your passion than your obligations” Chris Frick, Friendly Bike Guest House, Portland