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This information was provided by your council in response to a questionnaire.  Please let us know if you think it needs updating.

Council’s bike parking locations

Not currently available, but there is a plan to create a page for bike parking which will include an interactive map showing the location of the bike stands, Cyclehoops and the number of them. They are also considering add a function with which people can map out any new location they would want additional or new bike parking.

Council’s Bike Parking Information

  • District Plan

not provided

  • Bike Parking Policy

not provided

  • Event bike parking

WCC were working on a procedure/programme to supply bike parking at 10 major events last summer with a view to expanding to other events in 2017/2018.

How to request bike parking


Generic WCC phone number. Our customer service team will redirect them to the transport team. (04) 499 4444


By contacting WCC at or or

Website / Process / Form

The public can request bike parking through phone call to WCC generic number or email WCC at or or

You can also use the Fix It App / Form.

The engineers will investigate the location suggested by the customer and report back. If deemed appropriated, bike parking will be installed.

Requesting Bike Parking – What they want you to know

“We have limited resources allocated to provide bike parking each year so whenever we receive a request, we want to be sure that there is evidence to support it.”

Bike parking support to non council organisations may be available via the WCC Community on Bikes Fund, and they encourage applications

Get Involved – Local Advocacy Group

Cycle Aware Wellington


Links to local businesses supporting everyday cycling by stocking the right gear

Bicycle Junction.  Wellington’s home of awesome urban biking.  Everything you need for stylish and functional transport biking including bikes, e-bikes, cargo bikes, accessories, service and coffee.