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Council’s bike parking locations

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Council’s Bike Parking Information

  • District Plan

Bike parking requirements for private premises are not currently included in the district plan.

  • Bike Parking Policy

The Cycle action plan recognises the need for bike parking.

  • Event bike parking

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How to request bike parking


Through Palmerston North City Council contact centre 06 356 8199


Website / Process / Form

The Fix-it app is not longer available and a replacement is pending.

Requesting Bike Parking – The Process

The council bike parking budget consists of two portions, one for new infrastructure, and another for upgrading/adding to/replacing existing infrastructure.  The best way to request bike parking is to call council with your specific request location.  The contact centre staff will raise a customer service request.  The service request will go to a transport planner, who will assess the request, and if applicable, include it in the program.

Get Involved

Cycle Aware Manawatu (web)

Cycle Aware Manawatu (Facebook Page)

Local Awesomeness

Councils cycling webpage: PNCC

Links to local businesses supporting everyday cycling by stocking the right gear

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