In New Zealand when we think of cyclists we usually mean lycra clad riders of sports bikes, cranking out the miles.  But increasingly the kiwi bike user is not wearing lycra, and their bikes are beasts of burden, designed for getting them around town, carrying shopping or kids.  For everyday cyclists, it is about lattes rather than lycra, and spending rather than speed.  For bike commuters it is about getting some exercise as well as avoiding traffic and parking hassles, and the unpredictability of public transport.

Everyday Cycling is the type of cycling you do when you are just going about your normal life.  It isn’t necessarily about cycling everyday, or cycling everywhere.  It is about choosing to use your bike:

  • as a way of getting from A to B,
  • running errands,
  • catching up with friends,
  • popping to the shops,
  • cruising to the library, or
  • warming up on the way to sports.

It is not about being sporty or super fit, although it’s certainly healthy.

It certainly is not about lycra: everyday clothes are fine for everyday cycling.

It’s not about speed, although often it is quicker than driving.

Image Credit: NZ Transport Agency - CC4
Image Credit: NZ Transport Agency – CC4

But wait, there’s more:

Better health – without the cost of a gym membership

Physical activity is important to health, and cycling is a great way to get active, and turn your driving time into active time.

Better Quality of Life

Bike friendly cities are more vibrant, connected, social and offer a higher quality of life.  It is all about being out there, in our own neighbourhoods, making eye contact and saying hello.  It is about spending time and money locally.  It is about easy parking and avoiding queues of traffic.  It’s good.

Better Environment

Everyone will benefit from the cleaner air, less fuel to import, reduced costs of climate change, better traffic flow on the roads and quieter streets, even those who don’t ride bikes themselves.

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