Once we are up and running, you’ll be able to use this site to request bike parking and quickly and easily advocate for bike parking at the businesses and organisations you frequent. (naturally, it will look so much better).  For more on how that will work, check out:the bikes welcome way

Meantime here are some options:

  • Approach the business or organisation (where they have space to provide parking on their premises) and let them know you are a cycling customer and would love bike parking.  Here are some ideas you could use: Hello, I’m your customer! Using a businesses suggestion or feedback forms is one option if you are shy about making a more direct approach.  For more ideas and business case material check the blog.
  • Approach your local council for bike parking in public spaces or at council facilities.  Using their online ‘report a problem’, ‘feedback’ or ‘question’ forms work well, as these requests are usually tracked.
  • Approach your local advocacy group for ideas and suggestions, or better yet, join them.
  • Watch this space or even better, join BikesWelcome and help make great bike parking happen!