Do you want Bikes Welcome rolled out in your town or suburb? One of the ways you could help make that happen is by being a local champion.

People Power

A local champions goal is to bring together some everyday bike-users to act as ambassadors for Bikes Welcome.  They’ll invite their favourite businesses to become ‘Bikes Welcome Businesses’.  Taking it a step further, you could work as a team to canvas a group of businesses with the goal of creating a Bikes Welcome Business District.

What’s involved?

That depends on you.  It could be as simple as putting up posters in your local library, supplying invitation post cards to bike shops, and inviting some local businesses to become Bikes Welcome Businesses.  Or helping connect with and collect key information from your local council.

We’ll provide a toolkit, mentoring and practical support.

Toolkit resources will include the invitations and stickers that are a key part to the ‘Bikes Welcome Way‘, along with presentation materials, posters, etc.

Want to know more?

Champions play a key role in getting Bikes Welcome started in your area:

  • Use your existing relationships and contacts with your council / local authority to help collect local authority information for your area.
  • Recruit the first few Bikes Welcome businesses in their areas
  • Possibly speaking with local business groups (presentation materials provided)
  • Publicity (local papers, ‘everyday cycling’ events, good news stories, etc)
  • ‘Recruitment’: getting members and other bike riders on-board with Bikes Welcome so they can invite businesses to become ‘Bikes Welcome businesses’
  • Distribution of BW materials

Once you’ve got things rolling these are ongoing activities you may choose to engage in:

  • Promotion of Bikes Welcome to bike users in their community
  • Promotion of Bikes Welcome to businesses in their community, incl business organisations like Chamber of Commerce and Retailers Associations
  • Providing feedback on the Bikes Welcome model and contributing ideas and priorities for developing/growing BikesWelcome

Other involvements (if you have time and inclination)

  • Help access sources of local funding
  • Guest blog entries, especially ‘good news / success stories’
  • Expertise
  • Contacts, suppliers, recommendations
  • Nomination and celebration of bike friendly businesses


  • In the future we may consider a paid inspection model, providing businesses an opportunity to be accredited via an inspection, and the inspector receiving funds for their local cycle advocacy organisation in return.

Do you want more?

Join The Team

If you are interested in becoming a Bikes Welcome Champion or board member, please get in touch.  We are all volunteers and respect your time and won’t ask for more than you can do, so please don’t hesitate to sound us out.