Once we are up and running, you’ll be able to easily request bike parking, either by having BikesWelcome postcards sent to you, or make your request online:  read more on 2 minute advocacy.

You can also nominate a Bike Friendly business to become a Bikes Welcome Business via our Bikes Welcome Business Registration process.  Although the idea is that businesses register themselves, you can help kick off the process.

Before that can happen we need to get funded and get some real web goodness going on (not this amateur stuff you see here!).  Want to help? Keep in touch

Can’t wait that long?  Not to worry, harness up that drive and put it to good use.  Here are some ideas on how to:

Request Bike Parking

Join the BikesWelcome Movement

Find Bike Parking

Join your local advocacy group

Get Bikes Welcome in your area