Why bike parking?

Lots of work is being done on where to ride…

but what do I do with my bike when I get there????

It has become a bit of an obsession of mine.  I go around taking photos of bike parking: the good, the bad and the stealthy.

parking collage2

The more everyday cycling I do, the more I notice the times when there is no good bike parking.

The more I notice, the more frustrated I get.

Man,…. someone should do something……

But gee, there is more important stuff going on for cycling…. And who would I talk too, and what would I say?  Mmmm  Too Hard,

And not important enough to bother people with…..

But why not bike parking?  Why shouldn’t it matter?

Marketers like McDonalds seek to get their brand everywhere: saturation marketing.  Isn’t a bike, either used or parked, great marketing for everyday cycling?

When I see a bike, (or even a bike rack): outside a shop, cafe, library or school; it sends me the message: “hey, I could cycle here!”

Bikes Welcome: Bike parking plants the seed
Image Credit: NZ Transport Agency – CC4; modified


Bike parking is subliminal marketing for everyday cycling.

It is normalising.

It is simple.

But: good bike parking can be hard to find.  And it often gets overlooked during development…..

Right now it is hard to do something about it: Who do you ask, and how do you get them to understand that biking is just another transport mode and bike parking matters?

So back to doing something about it….

Someone should really do something…..

be the change

So here’s the idea: Let’s make it really easy for people to advocate for bike parking.
…. And make it something you can do in a couple of minutes.
I’m calling it 2 minute advocacy.  I’m calling it ‘Bikes Welcome’


 And so began bikes welcome!  Find out more and Come along for the ride: let’s go!