Bikes Welcome want more kiwis using their bikes everyday and everywhere… riding to the shops, on errands, to meet with friends, to an appointment.  It’s about making riding a normal everyday activity: just like brushing your teeth.  And just like good oral hygiene, regular bike use is great for our health; as well as for business, communities and the environment.  We’ll grow everyday bike use by encouraging and enabling business and councils to recognise, value and provide for bike-users.


What we want to do

We want to make everyday bike use easier, more attractive and ‘normal’.  And to do it we’ll use technology, psychology and a good dose of business experience gained whilst working for some of world’s leading brands.

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Making Everyday Biking Normal

Bikes Welcome’s focus is on everyday biking because everyone starts somewhere.  My positive experiences of riding short distances to the shops or cafe gave me the confidence and experience I needed to even consider biking to work.  Observing bike-users in other countries, who rode in everyday clothes for everyday purposes, helped me change my transport habits by seeing that a different way of doing things was possible.  (no lycra or funny shoes for them).

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Why focus on bike parking?

Bike Parking is an unmet need and a missed opportunity.  Inadequate bike parking is frustrating, it contributes to bike theft and it leaves me feeling like some kind of second class citizen.  And it is a missed opportunity to ‘market’ everyday biking.

Each bike and bike rack we see sends a message and plants a seed: ‘hey, I could bike here’
Bike parking is subliminal marketing for everyday cycling.  It is normalising.  It is simple.

Why do we want to do it?

Because everyday biking – using bikes for short trips – is great for people, our planet and makes business sense.

How we will do it

Changing Perceptions

Bikes Welcome will change that, and help businesses to recognise that their customers do ride bikes, and not just in the mountain bike park or Sunday morning pelotons.

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Making it Easier

Bikes Welcome intend to make it easier: easier to say “yes, I bike”, easier to ask for, find and implement bike parking.

Making it attractive

We’ll recognise, celebrate and share about businesses that welcome their bike-users.   By incorporating proven models used overseas we’ll engage bike-users, businesses and councils to work together; seeking and seeing value; making it easy to provide good bike parking and encourage everyday bike use.

How it will work

The bikes welcome way step 1
Bike users invite their favourite businesses

You are a bike user and you have a favourite cafe that doesn’t have good bike parking, so you hand them a postcard*, which explains the business benefits of cycling customers and providing bike parking; with links to further information, and inviting them to join as a ‘bikes welcome’ business.

The Bikes Welcome Way 2. Businesses
Businesses visit to find out more about the business benefits of attracting bike-using customers

You’re a business and you’ve learned the value of cycling customers.  You’ve used the info provided by bikes welcome to arrange bike parking for your customers and now you proudly display the bikes welcome logo and are listed in our directory.

The Bikes Welcome Way.  3. Support
Bikes Welcome Businesses are listed in an on-line directory, so that bike users can find and support the businesses that support them.

You are cycling to a new spot and you want to find a cycle friendly cafe to meet up at, you hop onto the bikes welcome website and do a search of our online directory.

*we’ll have an electronic version for people who ‘travel light’.


Bikes Welcome will connect individuals and organisations with each other and the information they need to make bike parking happen.

And it doesn’t end there: we have a pipeline of further campaigns planned including: employers, schools and tourism operators.  We’ll also engage with designers, project managers…. Bikes Welcome have ten objectives including:

“Making bike parking a priority and not an afterthought.  A given not a ‘nice to have’.”

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