As a child Jodene rode her bike for fun. She would try to get her siblings to do synchronised biking and her parents would take them for rides around the Pencarrow coast. When she was a student she used a combination of bike and public transport to get to university and to her part-time jobs. She also did things like bike the Rimutaka Cycle Trail for fun. Now she has a PhD in Molecular Biology, and has worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford and as a lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington. For part of the time she lived in England and did not own a car, she and her husband would bike to work, to parties, and to country pubs. She even used to stuff all their laundry in her pack and rode to the laundromat.

Currently Jodene and her husband run a cafe/pizzeria (Days Bay Pavilion). For a while, with their two children and business they were a two car family, but when the second car died they decided not to replace it, for a number of reasons including reducing their families carbon footprint. Now they use their bikes a lot more for fun and also just to get around, for example to run errands, visit friends and family, go to the library, go to music lessons, etc. They enjoy getting fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and saying ‘hi’ to the neighbours – all at the same time.