Bikes Welcome goals

  1. Encourage and enable businesses to provide bike parking for their customers
  2. Educate organisations on the benefits of providing bike parking to their customers and staff
  3. Provide a paid consultancy service to organisations require comprehensive assistance in developing end of trip facilities to staff.
  4. Encourage and enable schools to provide excellent end of trip facilities which help encourage students to cycle to school.
  5. Promote bike parking to professional bodies and associations who design and decide on its inclusion.
  6. Provide information to both cyclists and supporting organisations.
  7. Support the public in advocating better bike parking facilities
  8. Promote bike parking best practices and design throughout New Zealand
  9. Provide an open-source model of Bike Parking advocacy that can be reapplied anywhere
  10. Make bike parking a priority and not an afterthought.  A given not a ‘nice to have’.

You can view our full overview and vision document here.

Strategic plan


BikesWelcome is a charitable trust which creates a community of supporters via a website and social media.  Supporters will spread the word by handing out postcards, or sending email requests, inviting organisations to take part.  The invitation will highlight the benefits of providing bike parking and point them to the website for further information and to sign-up.  Organisations that ‘join’ display the BikesWelcome logo and provide bike parking and/or end of trip facilities.  They will also be listed in a searchable directory of supporting organisations on the website.  A key aspect of the model is that it is demand driven: bike users expressing to businesses/organisations that bike facilities matter to them as customers, employees and community members.

See The Bikes Welcome way


Initial costs including design, printing and website will be funded via a PledgeMe campaign grants, and sponsor organisations.  Ongoing costs will be met by sponsorship and/or donation.  Grant funding will also be sought for specific projects and objectives.

See Information For Funders

We believe in transparency, so if you’d like to see our budget or financials please get in touch.


Initially aimed at New Zealand, the BikesWelcome model will be sharable as a model for other countries to adopt, with the potential to become a global movement encouraging cycle friendliness in a simple yet effective manner.

You can view our latest Strategic Plan Document here.