Bikes Welcome is about encouraging more people to ride to more places and getting great bike parking everywhere.

To do that we want to help connect bike-users and businesses.

We want to help businesses recognise, value and respond to their bike-using customers.

We want to help bike-users to say “yes, I bike” and ask (nicely!) for bike parking.


Great bike parking everywhere: encouraging more people to ride to more places.


Regular bike use is great for people, health, business, communities and the environment.  BikesWelcome aim to grow everyday bike use by encouraging and enabling businesses and councils to recognise, value and provide for bike-users.  We want to make everyday bike use easier, more attractive and ‘normal’.  We can help do this by helping bike-users get bike parking where they need it, and by facilitating positive and fruitful conversations between business, councils and individuals.

  • When we choose to cycle to everyday places we are demonstrating that it can be done.  
  • When we get there we want a safe and accessible spot to park our bikes.
  • When we cycle to work we want a place for our bike, our gear, and if possible shower and locker facilities.

What is great bike parking?

Great bike parking is handy, safe, responsible and practical.

  • Handy: close to our destination, preferably at the door.
  • Safe: visible, non-damaging to our bikes or other property, doesn’t create an obstacle or pedestrian hazard.
  • Responsible: doesn’t impede access to or visibility of businesses or organisations.
  • Practical: Accessible and easy to use.

Great bike parking can also look good, with some really creative options out there.  

Bikes = Good

Cycling is good for business, and we encourage businesses to support cycling by providing bike parking for their customers and employees.  Cycling reduces congestion and increases foot traffic, so we urge councils to proactively install bike parking around shopping areas and public amenities such as pools, libraries, community centres, council offices, i-sites etc.  Commercial landlords and major retail operators are engaged to lead the way in planning for and providing bike parking in their properties.  Employers gain by having healthy active employees.

Bikes Welcome is also a vehicle for the general public to demonstrate their support of cycling in their area.  By requesting a business to join BikesWelcome, or by displaying the BikesWelcome logo they show that cycling is something they value.

Bike use is great for health, environment, community and business.  

We can encourage bike use by normalising it and providing facilities for bike users such as bike parking.  

We can show that ‘bikes mean business’, and ask businesses to show their support.  

Almost anyone can ride a bike: and it is the third most popular form of active recreation in NZ, encompassing all sections of society.

This is how we will do it

Who are Bikes Welcome?

We are registered as a charitable trust* and are now working on developing our website and branding, as well as funding.  To stay up to date, like our FaceBook Page: bikes welcome.

You’ll find more information on who is behind Bikes Welcome, what we intend to do, and how we intend to do it on this website and our blog.

* We have our certificate of incorporation as a trust board from the Companies Office and are registered as a charity (Registration Number is CC53620).  See Information For Funders for more details.

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